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OIL FILTER 90915-10002 / 90915-03004[JUNE HEUNG FILTER CO., LTD]

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OIL FILTER 90915-10002 / 90915-03004[JUNE HEUNG FILTER CO., LTD]


Our company, JUNE HEUNG FILTER CO.,LTD.(JHF) has been producing and manufacturing high quality car filters in the long tradition and based on high technological know-how since its establishment in 1978.

We are exporting to 20 countries around the world with the brand name of JHF producing Oil filter, Air filter, Cabin filter and Fuel filter to domestic car models as well as Japanese and world-famous models.

*The Quality Control(QC) system of our company is the key element of R&D, designs and production.

This is certificated by ISO-9002 and QS-9000 authentication.

*Currently we are producing 5,200,000unit per year but mainly we are exporting almost a half more than 20 countries abroad.

1. Delivery time

We can ship your orer within 45 days after order confirmation

2. Payment

We prefer to to receive L/C or T/T for the payment.

(50% at the date of order confirmation, balanced 50% ,when shipmentis ready.)

*Minimum Order Quantity

1. JHF brand -

OIL FILTER: 500pcs


AIR FILTER: 200pcs


2. Buyer brand -

OIL FILTER: 2000pcs

FUEL FILTER: 2000pcs

AIR FILTER: 1000pcs